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Hospitality Expertise.
Responsible Hosting.
Asset Caretakers.

With 10 years of Marriott hotel management experience & Superhost Airbnb status, our partnership will produce sustainable rent while retaining your asset's showroom condition.


My name is Phil Dixon (Brosnan)

Want a professional renter? Rent to professionals.


Phil & wife Hannah Brosnan have been successful Airbnb Superhosts in Salem MA for 3 Years retaining best-in-market guest satisfaction. Phil, most recently a dual property General Manager, has over 10 years of experience with Marriott hotels through multiple public & private franchises. Phil has achieved Marriott's top certification (green) with every brand audit as GM. He has also received multiple Marriott awards for Service Excellence & the Marriott Gold circle award for achieving top 10% performance. Financially, he has controlled over 1 million in receivables & operating budgets exceeding 11m in total revenue.

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Professional Renters pay rent professionally.

Renting to professionals means a professional schedule for receivables. Fiscal responsibility is paramount in our strategy.

Meticulous cleaning & maintenance.

Never worry about unit condition again. Meticulous property maintenance & cleanliness is key

in our guest experience.

Always local management.

Hailing from Salem Massachusetts, we only work local. This allows us to maintain a hands-on and eyes-on approach.

Be Worry-Free 24/7

 We use modern tech solutions to monitor noise & occupancy keeping neighbors happy every time.

Subject-matter Experts

We are certified industry professionals, experts on local regulations & permitting. Every listing we carry is 100% state, city, neighbor & owner approved



- Mary

- Jason

- Davie

Hannah and Phil are excellent hosts and their accommodations are first rate. The rooms are spacious, bright and nicely decorated, the fireplace in the living room made the room all the more cozy, the bathroom and kitchen are very clean and well appointed, the location was perfect. 

Phil and Hannah were A-mazing hosts with a beautiful, storied home. From arrival, until we left, and thru all of the in and outs dropping off souvenirs, they constantly made us feel at home and like part of the family. They set you up with every "little" amenity you might forget while packing for a WICKED trip.

Phil was a super nice and accommodating host, the place was beautifully and meticulously maintained. He was responsive whenever we felt like we needed to reach out.


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